Baptism at JupiterFIRST is one of the most beautiful and meaningful acts of our ministry.

This ancient rite of initiation remains, yet today, one of the most moving acts of faith as the person is welcomed into the community of faith, the church. Baptism is an enormous step forward in the faith journey of every person who wishes to be baptized and, for that reason, we consider it a privilege and honor (as well as a great responsibility) to be allowed to perform your baptism. 

For nearly 2,000 years, baptism has been the singular sign that confirmed a person’s “all in” commitment to following Jesus and participating in the life of the church. Today, baptism remains the most significant act of initiation into the church and, more than any other ritual, indicates one’s wholehearted solidarity with Christ and his church.

Here at JupiterFIRST, we baptize both infants and adults. Click below for more information about both.

Infant Baptism

Adult Baptism

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