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Meet Carolyn

My name is Neil Buzick. I am a proud of veteran of the United States Army. I was a  Counterintelligence Agent (97B), and today I run a martial arts school here in Jupiter. 

A couple of years ago, I was asked to come and lead an Anti-Bullying Night for JupiterFIRST’s children and youth. When I walked in through the front doors, I meet the happiest pastor I have ever seen in the entire world, Associate Pastor Chip Jurskis. And he welcomed me and said, “Hey, what’s going on? And we’re glad you’re here,” I really felt like he meant it. Pastor Kevin gave some words about bullying to the kids that night as well. And I thought, “That’s kind of neat.”

That night, I said to my wife, “This church just feels right.” I was going to a different church at the time, and I am Lutheran through and through. And I thought, “But man, it just feels right going there.” So I told my wife, “Honey, let’s try to go to JupiterFIRST and test it out.”

When we came for the first time, the music and singers were amazing singers, and when I went home I told my wife again, “It just feels right. So let’s keep going back.” And we went to a couple of different events and again we said, “It just feels right.”

And one day I said, “You know what, there’s this little thing I need to ask the church about because I’m very, very passionate about inclusivity in the church.” As I recall, I think I ambushed one of the pastors by saying, “I’ve got to ask you about this.” When I asked, they reassured me with this big smile again. And I laughed, and I just said, “This just feels… right!”

It just feels right about being here.

And so we have made this our permanent church home. 

Neil Buzick


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