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Read through the New Testament … chronologically!

1 Bible. 25 Minutes. 71 days.


New Testament Challenge

Join JupiterFIRST Church for a churchwide journey through the New Testament over 71 days! Read through the greatest story ever told alongside your church family, starting on Sunday, January 26 and ending on Palm Sunday, April 5.

Each day’s reading will take about 25 minutes and will take you through the life of Jesus and the incredible growth of the early church.

The readings are chronological, meaning you will experience the story in the order that they actually happened, walking step-by-step alongside Jesus, the Apostle Paul, and other heroes of the faith. 

The Reading Schedule

While the Challenge Guide is helpful, it’s not necessary in order to participate in the New Testament Challenge.

All you need is your Bible, 25 minutes a day, and this reading schedule.

Read alongside us for 71 days!

What People Are Saying About the Challenge

I’ve never read the whole New Testament before and I’ve been a Christian 20 years.


My boyfriend and I are exploring our faith together, and this helped. I did not finish the challenge yet, but I will, even if it takes me the rest of the year


Our youngest just asked a few days ago, “What’s next for Bible time?” 🙂 


The daily readings were faith affirming, personally convicting, and intoxicating – making me want more! I was more conscious that ever that these were real people who testified what they saw, heard, and experienced.


Reading the New Testament has totally CHANGED MY LIFE, and it will never be what it was before.


I had an iffy relationship with God, but this has really made me believe and want to truly believe. I now have a strong relationship with Jesus.


This is how we change the world!