While we all hope that this global crisis is short-lived, as staff at JupiterFIRST Church, we are preparing for the long haul. We want to be sure that we have sustainable practices in place to assist our congregation and community if this situation lasts into multiple months. That means planning to return to some semblance of normal at a moments notice but also being prepared to remain in a holding pattern for quite some time.

One of the things that we have been working on almost around the clock this week is a “call list.”

We want to ensure that those who are homebound, self-quarantined, sheltering-in-place, or sick are well cared for during this time. We know that as hours turn to days and days turn to weeks, needs will arise. Loneliness, supply shortage, medical issues, etc. may begin to crop up in our congregation and community.

For that reason, we are mobilizing our staff, council, crisis care response team, stephen ministers, and deacons to to remain in touch with our congregation, starting with those most at risk. They will begin reaching out this week to check in on a large portion of our membership.

Thanks to everyone who is a part of this awe-inspiring mass effort.