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The hydrangeas that adorned our Sanctuary and campus on Easter morning were generously donated by the individuals below: 

Suzi & Tom Addessa in honor of our children & grandchildren

Bernardi Family in memory of our loved ones

Thomas Bertone in honor of the Bertone children and grandchildren

Sally & Rand Birsinger in memory of our parents

Barbara Bonanni, Sr. in honor of the Bonanni family

Marj Bowlby in memory of Helen Bayley

Sherlyn Burnham-Kuehn in memory of Bruce Burnham

Monica Cantor in memory of Pablo “Tata” Andrade

Nancy Chandler in memory of Larry Chandler and Ruthie Smoot

Barb & Brian Chitester in memory of L. Collins Defibaugh and Earl and Fulvia Chitester

Isolda Clark in memory of my husband, Jack Clark

Amanda Dailey

Jerry & Ginger Duvall in memory of our daughter, Robyn DeLorenzo, and in honor of our daughter, Dr. Michelle Duvall

Brooks & Stacey Easterling in memory of Stacey’s mother, Peggy White and her grandmother, Odell Williams

Claudia Echelberger in loving memory of Bret Echelberger and his Grandparents

Martie & Rick Fritz in loving memory of Bill Lester

Nina Fusco in memory of Nancy Sohan & Doris Karlik

Kathleen Gassmann in honor of beloved husband, Hank

Lissa Gumson in honor of John and Jean Luksa, and our loving Mom and Dad/Grammie & Gramps

Mark & Jimi Hataway in memory of Mark’s dad, Gil Hataway, Jimi’s parents, Jim and Pat McCoy and in honor of Jo Ann Hataway

Jack & Joyce Hildreth in memory of our parents and in honor of our children

Barbara Johnson in loving memory of Rev. Barry Johnson and in memory of my parents, Bob and Charlotte Johnson

Haley Johnson in memory of Karen Robertson

Gayle Kelly in memory of my son, Ryan Sands, my husband, Ron Kelly, and my dad, Bob Shapper

John Kovalcik in memory of John & Dodie Kovalcik

Loren Kovalcik in memory of Grandma GG and Grampa Art

Sally & Hoby Kreitler in memory of Patsy McCree

Mike Long in memory of Terry Long

Sharon Longman in loving memory of Mac Longman and Shawna Longman

Loretta Lusteg in memory of Frances Lusteg

Babette Malaney in memory of Sandy and Tyler Thomas and in memory of Bill, Jewel, and Nancy Crockett

David McCallar in memory of Sallie McCallar and Mary Lou Erhardt

Don McCree in loving memory of Patsy

Steve Mull in memory of Mr. & Mrs. John Price and Mr. & Mrs. Howard Mull

Edward Neely in memory of Virginia Freund

Paula Nessmith in honor of the JupiterFIRST Church staff

Lori Oberacker-Pardue in loving memory Sid and Marie Oberacker

Dick Pase in memory of Mary Pase

Nancy & Lee Paton in memory of Anne and Dick Merrill and in memory of Bettie and Jim Nation

Andrea & Don Paul in honor of our family and friends

Marjorie Peterson in memory of my two sons, Richard & Kevin, and husband, Julius Peterson

Michelle Premuto in honor of my nephew, Brett Andres, and in honor of the Glory of God.

Peter & Karen Rhoten in memory of Deborah Ann Rhoten and in honor of our grandchildren, Katie, Spencer, Tristan, William,

Nicholas and Emily

Frank & Rae Russo in memory of loved ones

Richard Saari

Rhonda Sandridge in memory of of our dear Mammy & Pappy, our dear Grammy and Pe-Paw, and in memory of Neliah and

those we have lost and loved

Randy Shultis in memory of Reed Shultis and in honor of Barbara Shultis

Susie Smith in honor of my mother, Lillian’s 107th birthday and in honor of my daughter, Dr. Caylee’s graduation

Diana Stoker in memory of Popeye Stoker

Michelle Tallaksen in memory of Pablo Andrade and in honor of Marianna Andrade

Gary Troast in memory of Noni and Pentti Ehrola and in memory of Maureen Walsh

Barbara Turner in memory of our parents

Christine & Alexandra vonBallmoos in memory of husband and father, Marcel and uncle and friend, Neil

Willard White in memory of my wife, Peggy White

Anonymous in memory of Emil & Ann Spikula

Anonymous in memory of Zach, Bessie, & Thalia Metalides and Harry and Thalia Delianides

Anonymous in memory of Grace Woodcock

Anonymous in honor of Grace Brown

Anonymous in memory of Ronald Duryea, Jr

Anonymous in memory of Hank McElveen

Anonymous in memory of Mary Turner

Anonymous in memory of Theodore J. Zulkowski

Anonymous in honor of the Gadomski family and friends

Hydrangeas may be ordered and paid for online here.