Yesterday we broadcast our first online-only worship service… ever. We made many slight (and some huge) adjustments along the way, hoping that they would make the home congregants feel more connected. We weren’t sure what to expect, especially when there were only 14 or so people connected a couple of minutes before the service began. But then the number started rising quickly and eventually reached 750+ connected devices to our stream, plus even more on our Facebook stream.

We do have some kinks to work out. Shifting to a ‘broadcast only’ situation means that much of what we do needs to be rethought. In short, though, we in the Sanctuary felt very connected to those at home and we hope that you felt connected to us.

We are interested to hear your feedback, if you joined us, and we do hope that you will continue to join us weekly at 9:30am at live.jupiterfirst.org.