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We are excited about the possibility of participating in your child’s baptism!

Every child is special and of incredible value to God. As such, children are unbelievably important to us here at JupiterFIRST as well. We want the journey to your infant’s baptism to be a joy-filled and life-changing walk, so we try hard to be as clear and helpful as possible as we move toward the big day: Baptism!

Because baptism is an ancient and sacred rite of the church, there are some family practices which must be in place before our clergy will perform a baptism. Don’t worry, the requirements are easily met, but since you will be joining into a covenant between God and the church family during the baptismal event, we want to be sure that you are fully aware of the commitments that you are making and expectations for those whose children would be baptized.

Your Super Simple Baptism Journey


Fill out the Contact Form

When you are ready to take the next step, go ahead and complete the Contact Form at the bottom of this page to get the process started.


Attend a Baptism 101 Class

After completing the form, we will send you dates of upcoming Baptism 101 classes. This is a short, but required, experience for all families. At this class, you’ll learn more about our clergy, JupiterFIRST Church, and baptism.


Schedule Your Baptism

Potential dates for your baptism will first be avilable during the Baptism 101 Class. We will work with you to identify the right weekend to celebrate your child’s baptism!


What ages may be baptized?

Infant baptism is a sign of welcome into the community of the church and is appropriate for newborns and young children through age 4. Once a child reaches an age where they are able to make their own decision about following Christ (starting around the age of 5, in our estimation), then the choice of baptism is an act of personal faith and should be theirs to make, without pressure. For children aged 5 and above, we follow the Adult Baptism process.

What are the requirements for baptism?

Parents/guardians who wish for their infant to be baptized at JupiterFIRST must be active within the church community (as demonstrated by regular attendance, involvement, and financial support for 3+ months before the baptism may be scheduled). Households which are new to faith and/or are new to JupiterFIRST may delay their child’s baptism in order to have time to reasonably demonstrate a household faith commitment.

How do we choose a specific date for our baptism?

We regret that we are generally unable to honor requests for specific dates. JupiterFIRST sets aside several weekends a quarter to baptize infants. While we try to accommodate exact dates when possible, we request that families be flexible with their plans so that we may balance the needs of other families as well as the day’s liturgy of worship.

We can’t wait to meet you!