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JupiterFIRST Singers

Our JupiterFIRST Singers feed us and lift us up!

Meet David Cowen, Minister of Music & Worship

David came to us from the crazy Orlando music scene in 1995 with really long hair. His now short and gray hair (chuckle) is a definite indicator of his longevity here. He’s a minister, musician, writer, composer, arranger, conductor, director, producer, and all around tech-guy. David is also a true person of faith and was ordained at JupiterFIRST Church in 2005.

We are happy he found his true calling at JFC, which is evident by the thoughtful manner in which he leads worship on Sunday mornings or produces one of our ever-memorable Christmas Eve services. The music ministry at JupiterFIRST thrives because of the commitment of each of the JupiterFIRST Singers who volunteer their time to serve our congregation. Some of them have been around almost as long as he has!

David enjoys art, non-fiction, and good conversation. You might even see him out walking or riding his bike. He and his wife, Francie, have two adult daughters, Haley and Marin, one high school son, Levi (please keep them in your prayers on this one), and a new baby granddaughter, Eleanor.

Meet our JupiterFIRST Singers

Bill Ayers

Erica Barnes

Alain Bedard

Jennifer Bird

Lynn Chvotkin

Kay Crist

Jerri Fulginiti

Nina Fusco

Melanie Givertz

Mark Hataway

Michelle Rose Kelly

Irene Long

Jina Moya

Debbie Mueller

Jack Pardue

Jim Parkin

Amanda Partridge

Joan Porter

Karen Rhoten

Randy Shultis

Nancy Stainback

Rob Tarquini

Diane Tuer

Barbara Turner

Meet our JupiterFIRST Tech Team

Tom Addessa, Video

Lori Oberacker-Pardue, Video

Kevin Kelly, Sanctuary Sound

Charles Thompson, Online Sound

We can’t wait to meet you!