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Meet Kirsten

Hi, I’m Kirsten Endrud. My husband, three kids, and I landed here in Jupiter this summer from Minneapolis, and it has been a big transition. I can say I stopped sweating profusely probably about two weeks ago, so kudos to those of you who are snowbirds. I get it now. You just come for the good parts!

I’ve moved enough to know that I have about two months to build community before I shrivel up. First and foremost, among those who immediately made me feel welcome here, has been the MomsFIRST here at the church. These women are smart and funny, vulnerable and kind, and safe. It’s been a group that I can look forward to every single week.

But this fresh start wasn’t just about me, it was important to me and my husband, Nate, that our kids could find a place to call home as well. Marthe, the Director of Children, and her amazing team of workers have really welcomed our kids and made them feel at home. And Marthe, if you don’t know her, she’s just a rock star.

The Middle School and High School teams have also made our kids feel welcome. They have given them a place to explore, to learn about faith, to just have fun and be silly, and a place to come and feel safe every week.

If you haven’t found a community or a place to call home, I hope that you will give JupiterFIRST a try, and I hope that you will get involved in one of our programs or groups.

… And if you decide this winter that you want to try snowshoeing, dog sledding, or anything in the Great White North, I have a parka I’m not using, and I’d be happy to share it with you.


Kirsten Endrud


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