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Meet Marthe

Marthe Hjortshoj

(pronounced Marta Yort-soy)

Marthe was born and raised in Ohio and moved to Illinois to pursue her undergraduate education at Lincoln Christian University. She earned a B.A. in Children’s Ministry and an A.A. in Early Childhood Education in May 2011. It is also where she met her husband, Andy.

Marthe has over 14 years of professional experience leading in children’s ministry. She obtained her M.A. in Ministry, specializing in Children, Youth, and Family Ministry from Wesley Seminary (part of Indiana Wesleyan University) in April 2022.

In March 2018, Marthe began serving at JupiterFIRST Church overseeing kidsFIRST Children’s Ministry. Marthe finds joy in helping kids love God, love others, and love God’s Word. She is equipping parents and kidsFIRST team leaders to help kids fall in love with God in fun and powerful ways—mostly through discovery, reflection, and community. She is excited about the team of leaders she has and, of course, is always looking for more leaders to join the team!

Marthe is an avid Disney fan and loves heading to the Orlando area to be at her happy place—Walt Disney World. She and Andy enjoy the Pittsburgh Steelers, but they are a divided household on college football and MLB. They love watching movies together and trying new ice cream flavors. They look forward to meeting you at JupiterFIRST soon!

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