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Every member and attender has the privilege of partnering with JupiterFIRST Church to change the world with the good news of Jesus.

We invite you to make that relationship official by striving to give 5% of your household income to JupiterFIRST Church and by committing to our Benchmark V principles of membership in 2024!

The individuals who turn in the first 50 pledge cards, via the physical card or online, will receive a 2024 Benchmark V t-Shirt (generously and anonymously donated).

JupiterFIRST’s Benchmark V

Membership at JupiterFIRST Church is a partnership – a partnership with God and a partnership with this community of faith. We depend on your generosity and we can’t do what we do and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ without you!

 We ask each member of JupiterFIRST Church to strive to commit to the following Benchmark V principals and pledge to:



Pray for JupiterFIRST Church regularly.



Worship at JupiterFIRST Church as often as possible.



Strive to give a 5% annual commitment of you/your household income to fund the ministries of JupiterFIRST Church, and additional giving to outreach, mission and charity as God leads.



Participate in at least one ministry of JupiterFIRST Church.



Invite at least one person to attend JupiterFIRST Church each year.

Our Financial Commitment to You

We know that you have a choice about how and where to devote you generosity. For that reason, we go to great lengths to give our donors confidence that their gifts are being carefully used in the places where they will do the most good.


Biblicaly Sound Stewardship

Wise resource allocation directed by our clergy and reviewed monthly by our Treasurer and Council.


Safe and Secure

Industry-leading security protocols to protect your personal information.



Donor data is treated as highly confidential and communication about your donation is limited to finance personnel.


Healthy Transparency

Expenses are matched to income and donors are kept informed throughout the year.

Ready to become a


Meet with our Ministry Team

If you are ready to become a member, or want to chat about membership, give the church office a call, 561.747.8340 or email info@jupiterfirst.org to schedule a time to meet with our ministry team.  The meeting is casual and simple. You will chat about what it means to be a member at JupiterFIRST Church and have the opportunity to ask questions.


Welcome to our family

If you choose to proceed with membership, we will welcome you as members on the Sunday following your meeting at the 9:30am service. 


Getting to know you

We will hold quarterly get togethers welcoming all the new members. This is a great way to meet the staff and other new members of the church.



Ways to Give

Give Online

Electronic giving is safe, simple, and our preferred way of giving! You can even set up a recurring donation. For weekly, monthly, yearly giving, click here to give online.


Give in person

You can give in person during the weekend worship gathering. Simply place your offering in one of the offering boxes at the entrance to the Sanctuary. You may also drop your donation off at the church office during business hours.


Mail a gift

Attn: Finance
JupiterFIRST Church
1475 Indian Creek Pkwy.
Jupiter, FL 33458


Give assets

Contact us at operations@jupiterfirst.org or during business hours at 561.747.8340 with any questions about giving assets to JupiterFIRST Church.

This is how we change the world!