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Dr. Kevin Young - April 19, 2020

7 Mile Miracle

The story of the first Easter Sunday didn't end with a resurrection. In fact, that was only the starting event of what turned out to be a crazy day... especially for two followers of Christ in particular, who threw up their hands and made the decision to turn their backs on Jesus and begin the short 7-mile journey home. But these aren't just any random followers, and this proves to no ordinary journey.

Scripture References: Luke 24:13-34

From Series: "Easter 2020"

During seasons of isolation and discouragement, it is easier to understand the "way of suffering" that Christ walked on his way to, and through, the cross. But sometimes, we get stuck, and the celebration of resurrection seems elusive, at best, and unattainable at worst. In the worst of times, what is the best that we can do?

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