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Dr. Kevin Young - July 12, 2020

Anxious Souls

It is difficult to know where to turn when anxiety is on the rise and the depths of depression are beginning to settle in. While many turn to the Bible, it does not always bring immediate relief. But why?! Join Pastor Kevin for an introduction to the Bible's perspective on life's most complex emotions. There is a lot of misinformation about the Bible and how to apply it to our fear and uncertainty, but unraveling the truth is the first step to finally finding relief.

Scripture References: Psalms 18:6, Psalms 27:1, 1 Peter 5:7

From Series: "Anxious Times"

In a perfect storm of anxiety, depression, fear, and uncertainty, doubt begins to creep in to the cracks of our soul. When it takes root, doubt crumbles the very foundations of our faith and, at times, our sanity. Join us for a journey through anxiety, in a series based on Peter Steinke's "Congregational Leadership in Anxious Times."

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