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Dr. Kevin Young - November 17, 2019

Where's Your Jerusalem

We are all a product of our environment, or at least, that is what is said. But is it true that who we are is determined in large part by from where we come? If so, Jesus must have a hard time deciding where "home" was! He was born in Bethlehem, lived in Egypt, was from Nazareth, spent many years in Capernaum, and was always in and out of Jerusalem for one reason or another. With all of those places as a part of his story, he must have had quite the accent!

Scripture References: Matthew 26:73

From Series: "Heroes and Heroines"

Where did we get the idea that superheroes weren’t real? We all need heroes to make it through life. One of the key reasons we fail Is isolation and insulation, shutting out those who could help us conquer our kryptonite... if we would let them! It’s high time we put our “Lone Ranger” ways to rest and start relying on relationships rather than our own tired old ways. This series is designed to help you identify the people in your journey who should be prized and celebrated. Each week is based upon a different biblical hero or heroine as outlined in an oft overlooked little book from Leonard Sweet, 11: Indispensable Relationships You Can’t Be Without.

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