We spent an hour with the amazing staff at Jupiter Shoe Carnival as we purchased a pair of sneakers and dress shoes for everyone in the family. September 9, 2019.

Thanks to the congregation’s generous support, we have been able to secure some basic needs for our family of evacuees from Grand Bahamas.

Two of the children begin school tomorrow at our local Jerry Thomas Elementary School and, of course, need uniforms and school supplies.

Jerry Thomas’ staff was amazing in supplying some uniform and supplies for free. We are grateful to have them as a partner!

But we also felt like our community would want them well outfitted as they enter a new school, in a new community, in a new country, after enduring such horrific devastation.

A cart-full of school supplies are ready for checkout at Walmart. September 9, 2019.

So we went on a shopping trip to Shoe Carnival to purchase a set of shoes for everyone in the family. A pair of sneakers and a pair of dressier shoes for everyone! We didn’t allow them to look at price tags, but we did take advantage of every coupon and sale!!

Then we went to Walmart and let them pick out any book bag and lunch box they wanted. We bought more uniform shirts and pants, socks and underwear, and a ton of school supplies. We knew you would want to be sure that they were well outfitted with everything they needed on day one.

Thank you for your generous donations that made this possible.