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The Walk to Emmaus

What is the Walk to Emmaus?

At JupiterFIRST, we have many members and friends who have gone through a transformative 3-day experience called the Walk to Emmaus.  This is a worldwide movement based on Catholic Cursillo and other 4th Day movements for potential lay leaders in the global church and works to strengthen the local church.

The ‘Walks’ are set on two weekends; a men’s Walk and a women’s Walk.

The upcoming Spring 2024 weekend dates are May 2-5 for the Men’s Walk and May 16-19 for the Women’s Walk.

The upcoming Fall 2024 weekend dates are September 19-22 for the Men’s Walk and October 19-22 for the Women’s Walk.

Couples are strongly encouraged to attend the same set of weekends.

To attend the Walk to Emmaus, you must have a sponsor.  Please contact Deb McLaughlin at southeastfloridaemmaus@gmail.com or Janice Gutteridge at jgfpg1234@gmail.com if you have any questions or difficulties in locating a sponsor.

A training event for those wishing to serve on an upcoming Emmaus team will be held on September 10 at 12:00pm in CSR (Center for Spiritual Renewal). To attend the meeting, you must have experienced your own Walk to Emmaus weekend.

For more information, visit our area’s Emmaus Community website at seflemmaus.org. The video below provides some insight on lives changed by The Walk to Emmaus experience.